Monkees 1968 Concert Slideshow

This is via the wonderful Iain Lee!

This is a truly amazing film that, unless you saw the guys in concert in 1968, you definitely won’t have seen.

This is the slideshow projection that was played during the concert. There are a wonderful mix of images from the TV series as well as some great Head pics.

I was tempted to dub audio from the Live in Japan 1968 concert, but actually I think this is really powerful silent. Feel free to make your own soundtrack.

This footage comes from the private collection of Suzanne Gee who has been kind enough to share this with us Monkee fans in an attempt to preserve history. Please note that we share these images freely and do not charge for them. We ask that you pass this link on as well and do not make any attempt to profit from them either.

Many thanks


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